HMS ALACRITY sailed from Devonport in April 1982 with just under 200 souls onboard and all returned safely. At the few reunions held since then we have met up with familiar faces, shared memories and caught up with careers and the challenges that fate has dealt since those heady days. Sadly it has been too easy to loose touch with many of the friends from Alacrity and the other Type 21s and it was hoped that the forum could help keep us in touch. In the time the forum was 'up' it didn't get much use though literally thousands of bogus registrations were recorded.

There are a number of options for keeping in touch/getting in touch with Alacritys including Forces Reunited, Facebook and more recently via the Type 21 Ning Forums which are very active and has a new member joining each week.

These alternatives seem to work well so I have decided to close down the forum on this site. The spammers and bots will have to find new sites to plague! See you on the Type 21 Ning site.

Type 21 Association