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Commander CJS CRAIG DSC Royal Navy

Alac at Gib

Built at Yarrow Shipbuilders

Keel laid

Launched by Lady McKaig, September 1974

Joined 4th Frigate Squadron 1979

  Battle Honours

China 1900

Korea 1950-53

Falkland Islands 1982


The captain of HMS ALACRITY during the Boxer Uprising of 1899-1900 was a Commander Christopher Cradock RN. He was to become an admiral and in the Great War led the Royal Navy's 4th Squadron of elderly cruisers against a superior force of German ships. Sailing from the Falkland Islands before his squadron could be reinforced, he followed the German raiders into the Pacific Ocean. At the Battle of Coronel off the coast of Chile on 1st November, 1914 the Germans, under Admiral von Spee, out-gunned the British in a decisive victory. Sir Christopher Cradock went down with his flagship GOOD HOPE. The Navy responded by sending a stronger force into the South Atlantic and defeating von Spee's force at the Battle of the Falkland Islands.

china 1900HMS ALACRITY 1899


The ALACRITY of the Korean War was a modified Blackwood Class and sister ship of HMS AMETHYST, (below) famous for its dash from the Yangtze River in April, 1949.

korea 1950

1982 was not the first time ALACRITY hastened to help the Falkland Islanders. In 1977 she was dispatched to the South Atlantic with the Leander Class frigate PHOEBE in response to a clear threat to the islands from the Argentines. Rules of engagement were defined as conflict was considered quite possible, and plans were in place to impose a TEZ. ALACRITY must have made a very good impression as the Argentines backed down on that occasion.




The Royal Greenjackets

The Royal Grammar School, Worcester

Greenacres Special School, Winchester

The City of Winchester


The badge of the Royal Greenjackets sports a naval crown (bottom of the cross) to remember that men of the Rifle Brigade fought aboard Royal Navy ships at the Battle of Copenhagen 1801.

RGR badge

After the conflict, ALACRITY's gun barrel was removed and sent for inspection by the boffins. On a visit to London in 1983 we discovered that the barrel was now a central feature in the museum of the Royal Greenjacket's TAVR London Company. Clearly a regiment with influence!